We See Eyecare Differently

We live our lives on screens, the average person spends 11 hours a day consumed by screens.

All these devices emit blue light. Recent studies have shown that overexposure to blue light from digital devices may be detrimental for health.

✔ Improve your sleep 

✔ Reduce Eye strain 

✔ Less headaches & migraines

Blue Light and Your Eyes

Blue light is all around us, there is both natural blue light and artificial blue light.

Types of artificial blue light includes but is not limited to smartphones, computers, televisions tablet screens, and LED lamps.

What's Blue Light?
  • Eye Strain

    Blue light passes through the eyes
    cornea reaching the eyes retina.
    This can significantly increase eye
    strain which can lead to diseases
    such as macular degeneration.

  • Headaches

    Screens (Computer, Phones, TVs) all
    emit harmful blue light. Excessive
    exposure to blue light can cause
    headaches & migraines.
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    guilt free screen time with Curae

  • Disrupts Sleeping Patterns

    Research has shown that when we
    are exposed to blue light, it takes
    1.5 hours longer to get into a
    deep sleep.
    So those 8 hours
    you're getting is actually 6.5! Get
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